The title of this blog was inspired by my typewriters. An early motivation for my collecting--to rescue typewriters that were in danger of being discarded and to restore each of them to good working condition--has been an objective for all of my machines: to make them type again, hence "Re-Typing."

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Acquisition

I mistyped when I said I paid 12 times the cost of the typewriter.  In reality it was more like 7 times.  My math failed me!  Also, Olympia looks really strange hyphenated after the "Ol"  (it looks like zero--one) and "ab-out" is about as strange!  I think my English failed as well.  


  1. What a steal!! I'm glad it's OK despite the poor packing.

    That pitch between elite and pica seems to be popular in European typewriters.

  2. This machine looks like it means business! Very elegantly utilitarian. I imagine it would indeed be very satisfying to type on.

    I like the pitch very much. You can get more words on a page!

  3. What a nice Olympia. I understand that 11 point font is standard for these machines. I just found a "new" 1967 SM8 this weekend