The title of this blog was inspired by my typewriters. An early motivation for my collecting--to rescue typewriters that were in danger of being discarded and to restore each of them to good working condition--has been an objective for all of my machines: to make them type again, hence "Re-Typing."

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Machine with a history...


  1. Welcome, George. You're off to a wonderful start in your tlogging and you've a fascinating collection to base your comments on. You'll be right at home here and I'm looking forward to spending many hours here, thus effectively combining "perfectionism and procrastination". Thanks.
    == Michael Höhne

  2. Welcome Michael. I hope whatever I'm doing doesn't waste too many hours--especially other people's!

  3. These Coronas were so popular in their day -- I'm sure yours got lots of loving use. I do find them difficult to use today, though, due to the 3-bank keyboard you mention and due to the wear and tear on their delicate parts.

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    1. Thank you, historypak! It has been a while since I've seen a comment on this blog. My attention has been on other things lately and I'm very pleased to see that it still has some relevance. These old machines still have a usefulness and appeal which is apparently quickly evolving.